Black lines on model when zoomed out

Anyone have any idea how i can fix these black lines appearing when i’m zoomed out? My texture seems fine…

Also appears in Unity 3D

Check your texture to ensure you have painted over the seam lines of the uv islands

Doesn’t look like it. Also when i switch to texture painting mode the lines disappear and then come back when back in object mode…

I think your problem is caused by mipmaps. This are low-resolution-versions of your texture that get used when many texels end up in one pixel on the screen. This happens when you zoom out or when you look at a surface at a very flat angle.
To create low-resolution maps your texture is scaled down. This of course merges multiple pixels into one. This also means that the pixels at the border of your UV-islands get combined with other pixels around them. So in your case they also pick some that have the background color in your texture.

The solution: Let your painted areas “bleed” sufficiently outside of the UV-mapped island. Make your painted areas big enough to make sure the low resolution mipmaps have the right colors in the UV-areas they use. Of course you could also do the inverse: Shrink your UV-islands so they are sufficiently inside your painted areas.

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