Black lines on objects

Hi. I looked everywhere but I failed to find any answer for this (it’s because I don’t know how to describe it properly)

I am having this black edge lines on every object of the game. Just like the screenshot below.

Do anyone know how to remove this kind of line?

Thank you so much!

What materials were used ? Just a plain material or with a texture ? If texture UV mapped or other. If UV mapped texture did you paint over UV seams ?

So many questions but so little info supplied. Please ALWAYS supply a demo blend file for ALL support questions so we don’t have to use guesswork

Hi. Sorry about that. I’m pretty new to forums. Anyway, yes. I only used simple shaders. No texture no any magic trick. Just simple colored materials.


if you use ramps with normal based shading along with linear light, you can achieve this affect in the diffuse properties, add a color ramp marker at .2 that is darker and adjust until you like it.