Black Mage

my new scene, please constructive critics :slight_smile:

Hmmm. lessee. I like the mood, kidna hellish. The clothes look pretty fine to me. The left hand looks really wierd, see the image below to note some tips. The composition (as in: him standing in the middle and viewed en face) is very boring.
And You know this pile of skulls would roll off from under his feet :wink:

I hope You work on it, it shows great potential!

And You know this pile of skulls would roll off from under his feet

Unless he used Gorrilla Glue.

The hands should be more relaxed, with the tips of his fingers dropping some.

new composition, better cloth in first post :slight_smile:

I tried move vertexs in left hand, but it is not better.

Kwl :smiley:

Maybe u could add a meteor striking in the background and the shield need 2 be bigger

The hand does look better, the thumb is still moved to the front too much. Try to make it thinner and move it towards the bottom of the palm (just look at Your own hand for reference).

new version with castle and meteors…

is it o.k. now?

When I dangle my hand at my side, my fingers natually want to curl in a bit, but yours seem to all be in a row, which does not look natural, the pinky should be the farthest in and cascased to the index finger, thumb looks fine IMO.

As for the rest of the image, I like the brimstone, but I think there should be a thicker nucleus with more of a glow then the rest of it’s trail. Also, your belt and mask seems to have the same type of gem as your staff, but, it does not glow, I would turn off the emit value on the them and just make them extra reflective or something. I agree with the others that standing on the skulls is a bit odd. Perhaps have him resting one leg on a skull with his knee bent.

Really nice image though, very apocoliptic scene.

No more crits from me. Good work.

new idea with your left hand. :slight_smile:

Why is the brimstone flying upwards?

I think you should post updates instead of editing the first post.

It’s nice to see how the image evolves.

I know, a small bug…

My friend will make postprocess this image too brimstone…

Some suggestions:

Rocks in the area to make the scene more interesting
Move the castle a bit more to the front so you could see more detail.
The shield looks a bitt odd it seems to me that the texture is extruded too much.
Scratches and eh “holes” don’t know how to say it but holes and scratches in his dress.
Those Meteor things on the back are flying upwards I liked them more when they were flying downwards and put them a bit more random over the screen
Some blood on the ground? or ashes since he put a spell on the warriors.
Craters in the desert since the meteors are falling down(if you gonna let them fall down)
A flag near the Black mage (I don’t know why but I think it will look it alot cooler like the flag of the Warcraft 3 menu if you played that game(image:
I think that’s all for now but you got a pretty good scene already I like it alot man!


Looks pretty cool, i like the backgorund, the character too, the skulls look too repetitive, maybe altere some of them, so they look more random… :smiley:

add craters,blood, other skull type in a mage hand…
my small test postprocess…

current version with postprocess by Freedux

I will “erase” some bugs and finish it.


I do like the post pro but it gives away all the details. I liked the one without it much better because of his dark hellish style. I can’t see the blood now and
you could add some more craters instead of one on the background wich I can barely see. The skulls where he is standing on are all the same you could tweak them all a bit so they will look different(too repetive). Also I would add some more bones near the skulls since you have only one bone laying on the ground now.

Just my thoughts.


my old version with details and my postprocess

For me is first better.

Sorry I meant the one with colors so without the Post pro. I really liked the dark evil style it had now it’s not that exciting anymore if you know what I mean. Im just giving you some advice and ideas but it’s your scene anyway hehe.