Black Mamba

So… I could finally pull a project to its end. I’ve actually done many things since my last thread in this section, but none were good enough to be posted. It’s totally invented, no blueprints were used. The name comes from a snake, because it’s somehow inspired by a Shelby Cobra, and wanted to give it some credit. Well, here it goes.

Rendered in Cycles @ 1500 samples with GTX650 (15min). I might re-render it in full HD and more samples, but till now… And if I’m not mistaken, swaschan wanted to have a go at rendering it too.

PS: Many thanks to cekuhnen for his Car paint shader.

Very nice render. I tried modelling a car once but gave up, now I see I should have continued. The only things I think could use retouching are the windscreen which needs to have some refraction for a more realistic render and the chairs could use some subdividing. Anyway as I said great render. I wish I could do what you just did.

Thanks very much! And yes, I’m gonna make some more renders with more light and corrected windshield, etc… but don’t know when :frowning:

BlendImpreza, as you instructed, I had a go at the model you provided.

Sorry, made it a white mamba. Black’s too common and subtle, and common. It’s about making an impression.

Ohhh you cut the back :frowning:

Yep, more than an advice…

BlendImpreza : it’s about making an Impression!

Well, I got a friend to render an improved and HD version of it.

K your call, I’m off this thread as of now.

Lol, sry if I offended you, but I just hate cars being cut in photos (or renders). Otherwise render looks amazing. But I told you it needs more samples.

nice … keep going

thanks :slight_smile: im already modelling another one


Very nice model; there is lots of good about this.

There are, however, a few issues. :slight_smile:

  1. This is very noticeable; it needs more geometry or another level or two on the sub-surf to round this out.

  2. The edges seem a little sharp - although it is hard to be certain; The two arrows indicate what I think are geometry issues where it’s not sufficiently smoothed/rounded or otherwise corrected.

  3. May not be rounded correctly; camera-angle may be the reason, or not.

  4. Not sure if the gaps between the panels are down to camera angles, lighting or geometry. The top of the inset on the door where it tapers out at the edge seems off. Seems to be a geometry issue.

  5. Not sure how the geometry should be but it seems the lighting here should be different; your lighting transitions from panel to panel is very good which makes this area stand out, especially as it’s not a panel transition.

Wires are helpful btw. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing it out, but attachment is broken. But I can tell I got confused making the gaps… I just got the rear render done btw. And I’m attaching wires.

very good! I’m missing some kind of logo on the hood and a backup light but that are just minor things… it looks very good :slight_smile: