Black Marble Baths



Project I’ve been working on for the past week or so. I took my time to really make it feel lush and forgotten but not make it overly littered with vegetation. Inspired by a recent visit to the British Museum.
Blender/Substance painter/PS

Apparenly new users (this is my first post here :smile:) can only post one image; here’s the daylight version and a clay render:

(Ace Dragon) #2

The mood set in the night version is really well done, the materials don’t look that bad as well.

What an entrance to the forum, good work.

(alf0) #3

nice work, its really amazing
wonder how much time did it took you ?

(Cheinu) #4

Where did you get the plant assets if you don’t mind me asking?


Blenderguru’s grass essentials. It’s a huge timesaver


I’d say around 20-25 hours across a week

(alf0) #7

wow this is a real long time , , but it worth it !!!

(Mobin) #8

Love this one, feels like dark souls!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

You’re #featured! :+1:


Woo, awesome! :smiley:


Really like this, its very atmospheric, only critisisim would be that the metal looks a little clean and too shiny, other than that though this is awesome.

(emad) #12

very goood :star_struck:

(Ray) #13

Looks very good.


Yeah I’ve gotten that alot :smiley: The material looked fine in the day version (which came first) and I was too bored to tweak it for this one

(inky) #15

cool has a nice atmosphere … “forgotten” nailed !


Sorry for the thread necro, but this is awesome, and I was admiring the foliage you’ve got here. You used Grass Essentials for all the greenery here? Have you tried Graswald at all?

I ask because I’m learning enviro concepting, and photobashing greenery in Photoshop over 3D isn’t ideal IMO. I’ve played around w/ some of the free Blender stuff (Ivy Gen, Sapling), but I couldn’t get results I liked. I’ve been looking at pay stuff like Grass Essentials, Graswald, The Grove, etc. Just curious on your thoughts as a more advanced enviro guy. :grin:


Cheers Pablo :smiley: 100% grass essentials for the greenery, the tree and some of the ivy are hand modeled. Graswald looks very powerful but frankly I’m too cheap to purchase more plugins if I already have one that sorta works on all scenes lol