Black material Issue

Pls. Help !!!

my material turned black and I can not fix it…

i have blender 3.5, Mac version xxx


Have you tried Blender 3.5.1? It’s the latest release

P.S. Are you sure you have selected that one object shown on the right side? Seems to me as if you have selected the Bezier Curve instead…

thank you for replying !

I am gonna download 3.5.1.

yess I selected the shown object, it is build with Bezier curve.

Could you also share your .blend file? I’ll try to check it out…

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I can not upload my files cause I am new …I don’t know I don’t get it :frowning:

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Yeah, it’s a common thing for new users here…

Well, you can upload it on some cloud storage if you can

with Dropbox ?

Yeah, kinda

Okay, what is ur email ? Thank you sm !!!

Try at first download the latest Blender release and check if that problem appears there

Also, what type of render are you using, is it Cycles?

I can not download 3.5.1 …

and yes it is cycles

Have you switched Device from CPU to GPU one?


here’s the link:

Hii , I updated and the Issue is still there … and I also switched to GPU and nothing changed :sleepy:

Hey, try to just create an another object, apply material to it and check if that problem would appear again or not

on the screenshot in the middle (circle in scene collection) of my object the material is working…
only the upper and lower parts are displayed in black

Try to set the subsurface value to 0.0001 … i have black materials if set to 0 on my computer with integrated GPU only and linux . it’s something with drivers/openGL whatever

it is still black … fr idk what is wrong with it

I do see this just now… the inner part seems to be glass… and the outer one is this orange material i guess… Is there any other overlpapping geometry ??

( You may also try the discobot tutorial… see in you inbox… to be able to upload… or you already spent enought time to upload something ?? dont forget to compress it in blender :wink: )

Yess the inner part is glass and the black issue ones should be orange…but it has nothing to do with overlapping, when I am removing the parts were the materials are working the black part is still black and not orange…

no I can upload now, maybe you/ y’all can find the issue in the file :face_holding_back_tears:

I compressed it and its 5.6MB so can’t upload lol

If you remove the orange part… then it may be the bounceing count for the glass ??

Still > 5MB …so maybe just cut it in half ?? Or delete all unused stuff in the outliner (switch to orphanded data)…