Black material rendering

Hello to everyone, my name is Lalegion and I work as a freelance (external) filmmaker for a production company. Most of my work is in the composition area because I always do the post production of my own jobs. I have been working for a long time with 3dsMax but now I have decided to switch to Blender.

I have been playing for a week, more or less, and got a general idea of the workflow in blender. Now, I ran into a problem for which I couldn’t find a solution so I decided to expose the problem here.

I started modeling a small room, I just drew a couple of lines and extruded them, made a hole in a wall and not much more, but the thing is when I tried to make a simple render, all my geometry is rendered completely black.

I have checked the normals for all of the faces, made sure the object has a material, the render layers are all selected, the point light in the middle of the room (the only light in scene) has a proper falloff distance, inserted newly created objects (primitives) but everything renders black.

Here I have a link to my blend file if anyone is interesting in see it:

Any idea is welcome,
Thanks in advance - Lalegion.

Change from local view to global view (Numpad /)
In the lamp settings enable ‘Diffuse’ checkbox

Ufff… thanks a lot! It is amazing, I did change all the setting in the light parameters (specular, diffuse, etc) with no luck… but I did not realise I was in local mode. Thanks again Richard!