Black Messa Source trailer released: WOW!

This looks better than all of the official HalfLife games, i would buy this if i had to, i cant believe it is going to be free. Amazing.

Valve, you’ve met your match.

Woah, I would buy that too, is it going to be on steam?

Valve host good mods on steam for free.

When did the source engine become capable of this detail?

And yes, I will be downloading it as well. I hope that the game turns out to be at least half as badass as the trailer.

Looks really good. but I have it up with this kind games and story-lines(TOO much id …etc i played!)
it may also bypass Valve games.
why not, give it a shot.

Oh I am so happy now that I have HL² :slight_smile:

oooooooh yea cant wait :smiley:

im soooooo excited :smiley:

Sign me up!

Looks awesome. I would try it out but I’ll have to check and see if they have subtitle options in it though. That is a must for me seeing how I’m deaf myself. I wonder if anybody can contact the group making this and confirm this?

I’ll definitely give it a shot. When is the official release date?

Lol, this was “coming soon” staight after the release of Half Life 2, so god only knows. :rolleyes:

It’s slated for release in 2009. No specific days have been mentioned, but I hope it’s released early in the year.