Black Model View

Hi everyone.
I’m a beginner of Blender and doing my best to shift between tutorials and independent work to sharpen my skills.
However, a recent bug made me finally consider asking the community. Apparently, one of the models I made in part of a bigger picture can’t show the vertices when in edit mode.

On the picture below, it shows that my model comes out pitch black. This is after messing with the subdivision modifier that I took off. Another note is that now in edit mode, the whole entire system starts to slow down. I think something else is in the works (maybe the ‘smooth’ feature added to it?), but I have no idea.

For anyone who knows a solution or have any idea, please send a reply as soon as possible. Thank you and have a good one.

Is it very very high resolution mesh ?

You need to supply a link to your .blend file so we can see what you have

I suspect you’ve applied a subsurf modifier with way too many subdividisions, and the black is due to all the vertices.

hit < control>+<a>
to select all the mesh