Black... or White?

I’m considering getting an iPod Nano, and I just noticed that they come in two equally cool looking colors: Black and White. I was wondering which one you guys thought looked better. I’m leaning towards the black, since most people have white, though.

The more inconspicuous, the better.


Good point. :slight_smile: I agree.

For the indecisive or confused voter:

I vote black. It just looks cool.

The black just looks so cool looking. 8)

My friend had a black nano, the scratches and fingerprints show a lot more than on the white ipods I’ve seen.

It may look slicker, but Pimpin’ Doesn’t Pay™.

Funny, I thought this was a poll to see how many of us were caucasian or african-american. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? No fuchsia, tangerine or puce? For shame!

Personally, I just prefer to use my Pocket PC for my music listening purposes. It’s about the same price and has many more uses. I also have a little RCA MP3 player that I keep in my car which works quite well.

i would chose black becaus most of the original IPods are white and i don’t like it.
it is like seeing everybody with white earphones.
I really think they should also make black earphones(if it is not allready made)

Funny, I thought this was a poll to see how many of us were caucasian or african-american.

Cough Not me /Cough


I actually did also, with all the topics simalr to this, I thought this was where we were heading… And, to put it correctly, if you were “Black” (In the sense of the word, as to not offend anyone) in another country, you wouldn’t be African-“American” JSYK. I voted white BTW, I agree with Dittohead’s comment about that…

Hold on Tight,

Funny…I thought the same thing :slight_smile: I wonder what would people call a white person born in africa who is an American citizen, and what box they should check on a job application…lol

Frankly, I would reccomend against getting the nano.

Not that I’m against ipods. I love mine. but take a look at this:

so, assuming you are gonna buy the cheaper one, :

100 dollars more, youre getting 15 times the storage space, and video capability, plus a prettier screen. (whats the point of color if the screen is so small? ever heard of eyestrain?)

ipod nano:
roughly 1 gig per $100

roughly 10 gigs per $100

A normal ipod is only about the size of a pack of cards, so dont start telling me that it’s “huge”. %|

Realistically, if you plan on keeping the ipod in your pocket, the normal one is better, because the nano will snap if you sit down (best friend bought one, snapped in his pocket, went out and bought a normal ipod.)

The only reason I could see someone buying a nano would be if they were a jogger that would keep it on an armstrap.

p.s. I have an unfinished basement, and I recently dropped (unintentionaly) my ipod from the top of the metal edged linoleum staircase to the concrete bottom, and the only noticeable damage to it was a small scratch on the metal bottom.

pss.but if youre still bent on a nano, black. :wink:

If I were buying a nana I would get the black, because it stand out from the other models of ipod that were white. Personally I use my PSP’s multimedia playback features more than the games, at this moment only black is available in North America (GT3 white PSP’s are in Japan), thought I prefer the black because I find it more very stylish, than the white, partly because I dislike the off white look of the GT3 PSP.

If you wish to have a different theme or color for your nano, you can buy a new faceplate, thought it will most likely lack the gloss finish the original finish. Scratch wise it really depend upon the coating, the coating may alter from the various ipods so scratch resistance/ visibility is hard to tell the improvements and differences between the ipods

okay, i have the black full size ipod.

they scratch so bad, and at this point, with the black ipods selling so well, the majority will soon be black.

I say get the white. It is the purists way to go, and scratches less.

Does anyone know if the video playback on the new iPod supports mpg and wmv type video files or if (I’m pretty sure it’s this), only the ones you buy for $2 on iTunes?

I thought it was about what type milk you like best! I like white.

It supports H264 and the other mpeg-4 codecs in Quicktime. You have to convert other movies like for the PSP:

I’d say get the black and get the invisibleshield that’s made out of stuff that protects helicopter blades:

$20 is quite cheap considering. You also get those for the bigger ipods.

The reason for going with the nano of course is the flash media as opposed to hard drive so it will last longer after a few bumps. The nano also doesn’t vibrate or get hot with the hard drive spinning. It also lasts 2-3 times longer on batteries and I’m sure charges quicker. Being lighter, it also has less momentum if it flys out your pocket.

I thought so as well. I also thought it might be about the new “Black & White” game.

You got a point… I had not seen the videos when I posted this, and then a friend got one… And I thought it was a nano. LOL. So I may get a black video. But the poll still stands. :slight_smile: