black outline

:Dis there a way to put a black outline on models for game engine

There is a way, but it is a bit expensive on the computation side.

Duplicate the Model, that should have the outline. Enter Edit Mode on the Mesh, and use Shrink/Fatten from the Transfrom Menue. Fatten as desired.

Now flip the Normals of the Object in the Editing Panel (F9), and set the Material to black (this might not be necessary).

Please keep in mind that you are doubling vertices and polygons in your scene with that method, so use it with caution.

you could use a toon shader too, just use the search forum

Or you could:

  1. Duplicate the model
  2. Scale it a little bigger with alt-s (how big depends on the size of your outline)
  3. Set the vertex colors to black (in face mode)
  4. Flip the vertex normals in (with ctrl-n or ctrl-shift-n, one flips out one flips in)
  5. Make sure to parent it to the model of join the two (ctrl-j)

A picture.

There is another way, but I dont have the answer just now and its too late for me to find it. However, do a search for a .blend that startsout chick…

Look at how the boxes were made, it uses halo, or something to make the outline… I think it would be easier than the above…maybe

That… was just… profound.
The method I use produces the outline effect seen in the game Okami and as far as I can tell doesn’t slow down the frame rate at all.

I realize my last image link no one could view, hopefully this one works

a GLSL toon shader is your best bet for preformance

thankyou guys

Hi chrisspoi,

Have a look at:

I found the toonshader solution very helpful

Good luck!

thanks mate thats brilliant