Black pixelss in final render

Hello Blender artists :eyebrowlift:

Alright so I’ve just recently started to learn blender and I was working on my first little scene, however I found a little problem when I tried to render (cycles).

Here is the render: black pixels show up, I tried to up the sampling thinking that would work but it didn’t, it actually makes it worse, way worse.

Here is the file (0.5GB):

I have tried to search around on the web but haven’t found a solution or explanation.

If you have critiques/tips/ideas I’d be happy to hear those too, cheers.

Im rendering so i cant open the file atm, but I notice its only on the rocks right? So i think theres either an issue with their geometry, vertices out of place. or in their material, maybe their bump/normal/displacement map is too intense and causing the issue? Cool scene by the way.

Hmm interesting, yea could be! I noticed the same thing in another render though, but then again, the same errors could be there as well

Do you use the denoiser? I had blotches in a picture of mine, where the denoiser had trouble with certain areas, which looked similar. Setting the samples higher solved that for me though…

I think NiklasWerth is right,

In your file not all textures are packed, so it doesn’t show the black dots, but it’s a bit pinkish !
In the rock shader you put a texture straight into the displacement socket. Try to use a vector/bump node instead, or at least use a math node -> multiply to reduce the power of the displace.