Black Pod Chair - Cycles

Here is a shiny, black chair.
Inspired by some ball chairs that I have seen before, made it in a day of lazy and disconnected work (Could’ve done it much faster if I had actually been doing it in a more dedicated way) including rendering, modelling, lighting (what little work that required) texture setup and research.

Each render took around 20 minutes on the lowest class, oldest i7 processor (not that old…). Build used was Ding To’s 2.60 Cycles that I got off Graphicall.

I found that after about 200 passes the renders looked “OK” but I just left them to render to 2000 and they came out quite nice.

(Repeated image for Thumbnail)


What’s the size of the human?

The chair itself would be about 1 metre high, plus the stand making it 1.2 to 1.3 metres. Naturally, not that much thought went into this, just a little research and then got straight into modelling. I am sure the size isn’t quite right but this was made for the sake of making something, not really anything serious anyway.

Your angle makes it look tiny, you should try placing the camera around eye level.