Black Rainbow - Pleased to finally share this 4 min animated music video

Wah Wah Club’s 'Black Rainbow’ is a gothic fantasy that narrates singer Daniel Buckland’s journey through addiction & rehab.

The ‘Black Rainbow’ of the title, eludes to the ever present enslavement of craving, that can’t quite be shaken off & follows wherever he goes…

Filmed at Lost Boys Studio, the video combines Harrison Illustration’s hand-painted backdrops with computer generated worlds. The sets are built with a puppet theatre aesthetic in mind, with moody futuristic spotlights casting gothic shadows for the Black Rainbow’s overall feeling of technicoloured darkness.

The viewer is taken on an animated journey through multiple dimensions, in a single continuous camera move from start to finish.

Watch out for the abandoned city of Milton Keynes menaced by colossal mutant ivy, experience the band fight oversized carnivorous plants, hitch rides with flying eyeballs & journey to inner & outer space on giant insects.