Black Reflections

Anyone know of a way to get rid of these black reflections? My HDRI has no spots that dark in it. I saw somewhere that an edge split modifier worked, but it did nothing for me.

How about change another HDRI image. Get in Edit Mode. Press CTRL + N for make normals consistent. Or if you’re using Solidify modifier, press apply for it. Good luck.

Unfortunately, none of those worked :frowning:

disconnect all of your inputs to the principled node. Make sure the geometry is clean and can reflect by directly changing the sliders in the node. If not, it is a geometry issue. If everything works, it is your maps.

Try to find which map is causing the issue. Start plugging maps in one by one, beginning with the normal map which would usually be the culprit. Make sure in the properties for that map it is set to non color (which is the default for normal maps) in a linear workflow (which is what you are using).

After that you might try reducing the map’s value slider.

Thanks, it seems to be my Normal map that is screwing with the reflections.

blenders Y axis is inverted. this doesnt play well with normals generated outside of blender.

if this issue has been resolved in recent versions, i wouldnt know.