Black Render window with Yafray

I have installed Yafray to give it a try.

While the Blender Internal renderer renders an image in the Blender Render Window, the Yafray renderer doesn’t. I gives black Render window.

What can I do to get a successfully rendered image with Yafray?

If you are using Blender 2.46 or later and the old Yafray (i.e. not Yafaray), make sure you have the xml button pushed in the Yafray Panel of the Rendering Subcontext (F10) of the Scene Context. The yafray plugin no longer works, so you must do the old xml export method.

I’m using Blender 2.48
I installed Yaf(a)Ray 0.1.0

Also with the deactivation of the xml button I get a black render window.

So what else could be the problem?

P.S.: What is the old xml export method?

Yaf(a)ray =/= Yafray. The rendering options for Yaf(a)ray are found here.

Many thanks tatsuyame,

I can render now with Yaf(a)ray.
However the image is negative (black and white are inverted).
How can I change this?

P.S.: Has the render panel (scene F10) become irrelavent for Yaf(a)ray?

You have to define the materials, lights and render settings in the Yaf(a)ray ui.

Some documentation is here:-

Yes, the Render Panel is now irrelevant. I recall that the devs are dropping support for integrated Yafray.

I have downloaded the yaf(a)ray user’s guide.

I will study it.