Black Render Window

Hi everyone,
I’m using Parallels on a MacBook Pro. Blender works fine in Mac OS and also under Parallels Windows XP SP 2, BUT:
When I use the Windows Version and I hit F12 to render something I get a black render window, why ?
Rendering works fine if I use the Mac Version under Mac OS.

I haven’t found any hints in the forum here, I hope you can help me.


If you have a lamp, or lamps, and they’re on a visible layer (I assume you’re talking about the same file on both OS’s) then it occasionaly has happened to me though I don’t remember it happening since 2.40. Either hit Numpad + or -, or grab the render window’s top bar and shake the window around till it shows. Hitting F11 should also work but doesn’t always.


It happens with the standard start scene.
Shaking and hitting F11 does not work as well and the layer with the lamp is visible.


I did not find a solution yet, does anyone have the same problem ?


I’m currently having this issue, but only when I try to play an animation. Rendering still images works fine.

HouseArrest: what version of Blender and OS are you using and what output file format? 2.44 for windows had known problems rendering jpg frames for animation. It presented the kind of symptoms you are describing.

as i understand it, 2.44 will render them ok, it just won’t play them back. Just load them in the sequence editor for playback until the next version ( or render an avi which plays back with the default player fine )

Newest version of blender, WinXP. Not sure if its saving as .jpg or not, all I do know is when I hit the play button (after hitting the anim button), the render window comes up, and in the header of that window it just tells me where its saving to…so I guess I’ll check when I get home today what its saving as.

Exactly my issue, but as for the instructions on how to work around it :spin:. Maybe I’ll understand that when I dive into animation seriously…for now I’m just dabbling and this is what happended in my very first attempts.

For the exact issue description see this LINK

Note I haven’t tried anything suggested there as I’m currently going thru a basic animation tutorial and haven’t rendered a finished project…yet lol.

I currently have the same problem :frowning: . U just have to shake the window a bit when u think it’s finished:eyebrowlift:.