Black Resto

Hi…this is my work using Blender the first one that i post here, thanks

Hope u like.

Great images.

All the details read well.

My eye keeps going to the tile wall and column. Something not right there.

thanks, yes I do not know to put something there.

classy beautiful images,looks like magazine photos.i think bump on column tiles is inverted(grout coming out).how is interior the lighting done?

thanks, I see it not upside down haha, i just use HDRI and light area Rectangle.

thanks, I see it not upside down haha, i just use HDRI and light area

IMO, The floor looks a bit too reflective. Use filmic blender for a better color reproduction.

thank you, actually I’ve been using film look ,maybe it’s too reflect

Good work. Nice color pallet. Personally, I would sharpen the images in post-production a bit, change the AA settings, or maybe play with the DOF as well; all the edges and so look kinda blurred. Nice work anyway.

A few things look off in what is otherwise a very detailed and well lit scene.

----The column, mapping a tiles texture in a way that look good can often require precision in the UVMap (the mortar is not exactly aligned nearly with the edges of the geometry).

----The floor, a tiled floor in real life (especially a polished one) can have a strong fresnal effect and look almost 100 reflective at very steep view angles (while being far less at 90 degrees, but still reflecting anything that is bright). In addition, you will want to map the roughness to a fresnal curve (to emulate the effect of the reflection getting much sharper in steep view angles).

----Unless the mortar between the tiles is covered in a sort of polish, it should have a far higher roughness and far less reflectivity than the tiles they hold in place (unless you did that already).

Otherwise, I do like the color-scheme, the detail, and the layout.

Thank you for the advice Radek

Thanks Ace Dragon