Black screen tear whenever the camera moves or an object updates

I’ve used Blender before, but I recently got a new computer. I downloaded Blender because it’s amazing and fun, but once I started it up, I noticed something weird going on; Whenever I moved or rotated the camera, black tears would appear across the entire screen. Same thing happens if I move my cursor across any button, slider, etc. and also when I move, transform or otherwise edit any object on the scene.

Here’s a pastebin of DxDiag;

All Blender settings are default.
I also tried downgrading to 2.66, same problem there.

Any help is vastly appreciated. I couldn’t find anything on the subject myself.

Update graphics card drivers… If you have a new computer, 99% chance it will not have latest drivers, don’t rely it finding them, go and physically get them yourself.
In User Preferences / System try changing the window draw methods

I know I’m now double-posting, but I’ll remove my former reply as soon as it shows up.
Changing Window draw method to “Full” seems to have worked, no longer getting the tears.

I’ll still check if there are any available driver updates, but as far as I could tell last time I attempted there were no such thing. But it’s AMD, so I’ve no idea how I’m supposed to proceed with that.

Thank you very much for your assistance, it’s very much appreciated!