Black 'splotches' when rendering?

I’m hoping this is the right place for this…

Alright so before I continue I would like to tell you all that I’m pretty new to blender. I know some of the basics, but I don’t really know many terms that may associate with blender.

Anyway, so when I was creating a basic rig, I came across a problem with facial features when rendering. It appears as though there are some black ‘splotches’ across the face. I’ve looked online to try to figure out whats wrong and how to fix it, and I think that the problem might be that there are two faces on the same spot. How to fix it, I have no clue. Here are some images of regular (without the faces overlapping) and messed up (with the faces overlapping).



Does anyone know how to fix this?

(Extra info that might help: The faces are moved by Shape Keys. The Faces were extruded from the same object, at different angles. This only happens when the faces overlap, when they don’t its perfectly fine, just like the first image. This only happens when rendering the image, the model itself looks fine.)

This is z fighting, and is caused by faces overlapping. To fix it, either don’t put the faces in exactly the same spot, or make a separate material for the moving faces, in the Materials tab, enable Transparency, make sure Z Transparency is selected, but leave Alpha at 1. Then in the Options panel, Z Offset should now be enabled as well. Go and change that ever so slightly, put it at 0.01 or so and see if that fixes it.