Black sun

I want the material of my sun sphere to emit bright shadeless white. I’ve been plugging in all kinds of settings but nothing seems to get a white sphere like I am after. Any ideas on what to tweak?


landscape01.blend (294 KB)

Well I’m stumped as to why it’s doing that, but I managed to get the result you wanted by using a halo material instead of a normal material. Just scale down the sphere, or merge all the vertices to the center to make a single point.

Yes, a good idea thanks. I looked at the halo option amongst other things I tried. Bringing down the halo size to about 0.15 gets pretty close but nevertheless causes strange shapes which I find distracting when I know it should be a sphere. I was thinking that mist could be the problem but poking around does not seem to affirm this to be the case.

Can you set it white and hit the “shadeless” button? in the material buttons of course.

edit: nice sunset! I’ll have a look at your settings soon.