Black Swan Tribute

So, it’s been nearly two years since I saw Black Swan, and loved it for many personal reasons, so I decided to make a tribute to it. This is just a test render, by the way.

The actual image is 1280x1980, so I’ll leave it to your imagination about what the other half of the image is gonna be about. :stuck_out_tongue:

All feedback and critique is well appreciated, aside from the arms and neck as I still have to put details in there, the modelling isn’t even half finished.

Also can someone please tell me why it took blender 2:47 to render half the size of the above image while it took only 1:56 for this one? The only thing I changed was the tile size.

What did you use, GPU or CPU. Because with GPU 256x256 tiles is fastest, but CPU 16x16 is fastest.

Oh, I see. I used GPU.