Black Templars securing a drop zone

Squad of Black Templar Space Marines securing a drop zone on one of the Imperiums countless Ice Worlds.

Warhammer 40 000 has always been a great inspiration for me when it comes to illustrations and art in general. I’ve started many projects on the subject but never really managed to complete one until now and I have to say I really enjoyed creating this one.

Also now that I have a good base for these Black Templars I probably end up doing multiple scenes with them, this being first of a series.

The scene was composited and quite heavily edited in Photoshop, Blender was used in everything else.

Here’s a few closeup renders of the squad leader.

Beautiful armor design…love the massive look. Inspiring work !

Black Templars are one of the coolest Space Marine Chapters and you’ve done a great job with them. 40K was a big inspiration for me when i first started 3d modelling, I remember doing a lot of TAU stuff back then. Would love to see these guys in more settings and some more models, might have to stick these back on my bucket list of things to make with Blender now!

Looks awesome. Love the look.

Really cool. Great composition, colors and mood. A bit more detail on the front character would have really nailed it. Or maybe it’s just my lack of knowledge about the Warhammer 40k universe. :slight_smile:

Great characters! Your metal textures are very well done. I love the look of the tattered cloth.

I’m not super fan of the interior render but the outdoor one with the snow really give justice to your models.
Very nice Job, long live the emperor :slight_smile:

Thanks and I agree that Black Templars are one of the more interesting chapters for sure. I’m now trying to decide what race would make the best enemy for more action filled scene. I’m really digging the style of Orks, but they also would be very challenging yet interesting to model :confused:

Thanks! I tried not to over think or do anything this time. I had a previous attempt at creating Space Marine with a bit of my own twist and in the end the model became too complicated and all over the place so I scrapped it before I could even finish it. It can be found at my sketchbook thread somewhere.

Thanks! Yeah the interior shots were just to showcase the armor design in more neutral environment, nothing too special about them.


Killer model. The work on details and shader is amazing and the mood of your render just perfectly fit the W40K universe!

Really impressive work. Great models and composition. I would love to see them battling some tyranids in you future action scenes.

Excellent work on all the fine details, and I love how you somehow made the leader helmet look more knightly.

You’ve erred a little on the color, going for too much boltgun-metal instead of more matte black, and the ceramite looks too metallic, but they look cooler that way.

Also love the sword. You could add a power field effect, perhaps.

Extremely impressive work anyways!!! <3


(Sorry for the caps, I indeed intended to yell)

Really impressive, I’ll look for more of your work.

I personally like this render.

Love the detail!

This is gorgeous! Awesome work!

I am a 40k fan and your scene is brilliant
I particularly like the cloth tabard being both blown in the landing scene and hanging still in the internal render
The dynamics of the cloth very effectively emphasize the surrounding environment - either a raging storm or the stillness of a chapel

Not so keen on the colour and shininess, but still awesome


this is so legitsu!

love the cloth, how’d you do the edge tear? alpha or geometric?

FUCKING great man! i used to paint these small figures. Always lover the Space Wolfs. A friend of mine was really into this and got me hooked with painting them, never really finish that mutch to badly. Was so tedious small detailed work

Would I hang it on my wall? Yes, yes I would, beautiful.

Very pleased!