black uv faces

hi there,

what´s the trick? can anyone give me a hint?

I want to watch my uv textures in texture mode. But some faces appear only black.

so, I know the white faces have no texture, ok. but what have I done to get black ones? or better: what can I do to get rid of them?

thanks for help.


It’s probably a wrong pointing normals problem
Select the desired faces, do W key and choose flip normals in the pop menu
If you’ve many, select all and do Ctrl-N to recalculate normals

thanx OTO.

It was the ‘SetVertCol’ button. it seems that I made all face black with it, and afterwards I couldn’t see the texture on the black faces. now they are all white and the texture again visible.

I really don’t know for which things the button is helpful. Has anyone a hint?

p.s. also the ‘ObColor’ kann make faces in ‘uv face select’ mode black and the texture unvisible …