Black van in desert


In the beginning I just wanted to recreate this cool concept of Ido Yehimowitz ( in 3D but then I ended up creating a scene as well. It’s not perfect but I have the bad habit to spend too much time on my projects, so I had to give me some kind of a deadline. I hope you still like it :slight_smile:


Bravo! Looks like the van from A-Team! Nice Dynamic Composition and overal very detailed look!
Are you going to show a wire render? I would be very interrested!


Thank you very much zuggamasta :smiley:

Here’s your wire render. All the small stones aren’t visible because they’re emitted by a particle system.

As for the second question: Yes, the sand dust is a (in fact two) smoke simulations and then rendered using cycles volumetrics :slight_smile:

Great details! Are the distant hills geometry or painted?

great job, has the feel of the original.
well done in capturing the style.

This is awesome! Such fun character you’ve given to the vehicle. Really satisfying. It also reminds me a lot of the black gang vans seen in the desert in GTA V.

Thank you all! Really glad you like it =)

@ 3pointEdit: The hills are in fact the environment map, I just overpainted them a bit in Photoshop because they were pixelated.

Well done, I like the style :wink: