Black Vertices(checked doubles and normals already!) HELPPP

Crazy dots when I render it and i"ve already reset normals and removed doubles
pleaaaase help

Oh my… May i ask why your Outliner is mostly closed? I might be wrong but looks like you have rendered two objects on one spot…
Lights? What are lights? Their samples? Materials, any normalmaps around?

It’s more productive conversation if the file can be seen, anyways. If you read some three or so posts here you’ll find that too not to speak how and where to present your concern.

What do you mean by the outliner is closed? Not sure what you were saying after the outline part to be honest.

blend 1:
Normal blend:

There is window in blender called Outliner which lists objects in scene and shows if they are visible in 3d view and if they are renderable - eye and camera icons. If something is hidden from view but left to be rendered and these happen to be two versions of one object you get this funny pattern on the surface - so called “Z fighting” when blender can not surely calculate which face is on top and which on bottom due to calculations precision. One can make “educated guess” by looking at things and their state in Outliner window which in your case shows World icon and Render layers, nothing more.

Sometimes some harsh shadows appear if Shadow Sampling is set low for lamps or normalmaps are used on the mesh. It’s good idea to show material properties in screenshot if you want somebody to find glitch causes based on image only.

This is not what’s going on here. Your example had some leftover faces inside torso, probably from some garment. Faces are somewhere connected to the torso mesh and cause bad shading due to blender not being able to calculate what belongs to inside what to outside - face normal inconsistency. Remove doubles wont help, recalculate normals either. Maybe 3d print addon can select such faces, idk.

ZK V2 blend file has tangled mesh above the knee area but it seems that internal faces are not present. Lamp has texture on thus skin has pink pattern on the render.

thank you so much for taking the time to look at it. ill try fixing it and hopefully get him undotted