Black Water Pirates

Well, it’s that time of year again, where I design the flyer for a friend’s rave. Last year was ‘Sign of the Juggernaut’ this year it is ‘Tale of the Black Water Pirates’. These things always give me fun ideas to kick around, regardless of not really being a raver type myself :wink:

I haven’t submitted any final works here in a while so it’s fun to post again in that regard. also, this is the first time I’ve completed a human body and rigged one so please don’t be shy about giving ideas on improving anatomy and posture (I’m afraid I’ve done the best I can).

I encountered strange errors in the final renders having something to do with the node shaders which was amplified by the amount of aa used. I got around it, but had to do so using PS not in blender itself. Luckily, it wasn’t on a hugely important piece of the image. Rendered at 1700 X 1100 for print on 8.5 X 5 inch cards. Post pro used to add ghosts (rendered in blender), mist, bg, and glowing effects. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

amazing stuff
textures, modeling, composition, everything - AWESOME!
definately 5/5 stars!

Very good, the mist and ghosts look cool:D
5 stars

Hey this is cool, and scary. i like the glowing eyes. awesome 5 stars.

love it.
5 stars.

Great job. The atmosphre great as is the modeling and the texturing work.

It looks good, but the edges of the people seem to stand out too much to me, especially since they’re in a misty, foggy environment. Maybe there is some way to soften those edges a bit to make the people blend into the scene a little more. 4 stars!

Pretty good, composition is a little funky, though. There’s no FOCUS to the piece. Nothing direct, anyway. In your last piece the composition was pretty good. You know, you had the juggernaut, then because of the eye’s l>r progression, that lead straight into the burning building in the background, but here… There’s no foreground, no background, no centering of any particular features. It makes the picture look like a still from a movie–like, half-way between the camera moving somewhere. I dunno. I like the picture, but I have trouble looking at it.

The guy on the right looks really stiff, compared to the one on the left.
He’s just staring off into nothing…

Very good! Five flows!

Edit: Stupid buggered up vBulletin.

awesome work… one crit thou is that the ghosts look a bit to stiff to me… like they are frozen or something…especially the captain…

Thanks for the replies! I’m glad that most of you really like it :slight_smile:
Black Boe: Yeah, I struggled with the overall composition the entire time. I had a few things which I needed to include (per the request) and I needed to fit it in those dimentions. Also, trying to leave room for the text which will go on the front of the flyer pushed details out of the direct focal center. Next time I’ll be a bit more picky with my arangements :wink:

LotR Junkie: I do see what you mean, but i rendered the scene on top of the background image in one go. In the same breath i was a bit reluctant to do much in post pro other than layer and composite.

Venge & Vitaliy: I was trying to give off the vibe of the crew being possessed by the ghosts, perhaps the stiffness of the captain was too good :slight_smile: Also my rigging skills are in their infant stages.

I’m thinking about touching some things up a bit but probably not the actual possitioning in the scene. Maybe more work in PS. Thanks for the constructive feedback!

Really nice! I feel their skin is a little green though. Great modeling!


What is going on with the hair on the guy on the right, completely stiff? Is it that cold? Doesnt look it. Also that needs some work and the guy on the left’s arm looks way over sculpted, bicep looks almost detached, as mentioned above the stance is a bit stiff.

On a positive note, this has got some really great atmosphere and generally looks really cool. Welldone, 4 stars.

The pose of the left guy looks a bit weird due to the orientation of his right hand. Also his fingers look a bit too soft. They don’t have enough sharp angles at joints as one would expect.

Overall it’s really nice work. Especially the atmosphere and environment are well done. ****