Black & White Bedroom

Hello, this is my first attempt to create a bedroom. After lots of experiments with lighting, patterns and colors, I finally decided to keep it simple, with contrasting blacks and whites. Textures from (almost all of them). Rendered in Cycles, 500 samples with denoising enabled (mostly on CPU because of my GPU not being able to handle the carpet with a lot of hair particles).

Link to the project on ArtStation:

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Very nice, but what’s up with that smudge at the bottom left corner?

Thanks. It’s actually that thing you see close to the curtains with some lens blur. I added it because the scene needed some kind of foreground as it felt too empty on the left hand side.

This work got featured on one of Blender-themed websites! I’m pretty proud to be honest considering simplicity of this scene…

The whole view looks too dark, and that effect at bottom left corner gives it a strange feeling. I feel like something gets in my way and disturb my view.
Perhaps lighting up the spots above the bed will give it a better look. You also spoke about the carpet particles that prevented you from rendering with the GPU, I don’t think the level of detail you obtained is worth it, I think you could get this result with a good bump texture.
Your work featured also on, so congrats and keep blending.

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Well, I didn’t really expect that, but this scene got noticed and featured in Poliigon’s top renders of September. Here’s the link if someone’s interested: