Blackbird Renderer

Yes, USD/Hydra side of things was where most of the effort went. That would then have been the intended base for all future improvements of the core rendering side.

For people working entirely in Blender and happy with Blender’s current command line render functionality, there is probably little benefit in using Blackbird.

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Would any of the work y’all did have any benefit if working mostly in Blender but occasionally trying to bring Houdini files into Blender or Blender files to Houdini?

The USD I/O features that Tangent contributed to are the more important component for that, they give you a common exchange format that both Houdini and Blender know how to read and write.
Blackbird would the be the icing on the cake, giving you (almost) the same render engine in both and the ability to edit the same render settings and shaders in both programs.


No news about it?no version aviable?