Blackboard drawing

Bored at school? All education done, but your still obliged to meet up?
Draw on the blackboard!

Whoa! Awesome!

holy cow nice wish i could do that at my schools blackboard

Oh man. The janitors aren’t actually going to erase that are they?

That is AWESOME. Wish my school had blackboards, or that I had that level of skill. Could you get some higher quality photos?

i must say, that is impressive… more impressive than anything else, in my opinion, is the scale, though… you’ve managed to proportion everything very well considering that board looks as though it’s about 3m long…

@Anjelus: I spoke with them, they did not dare to touch it.
@mcuinnessdr: Of course: Full size image (2.3 MB)

That has to be one of the most fantastic images I have seen in some time. Full credit to the artist.

thats amazing!