Blacktop Island

I teach high school Spanish and recently our entire department was displaced to portable classrooms out on the blacktop at the back of the school campus. We have jokingly referred to our new area as “blacktop island”. I thought I would put together a funny little image of that to lighten our spirits.

That should explain to you why the island is on a sea of black.

Having said that, I would love any crits or comments you might have. I am particularly looking at the sand and the blacktop; but any suggestions, complaints, complements, whatever are more than welcome. What do you think?

PS - I realize the dock is floating in mid air right now. That’s the bit I am currently working on. Thanks!


HAHAH, i luv it, good idea. One issue that i have is that the sky doesnt fit with it, it looks like it is really close to the hut, and i love the stairs too!

everything looks great xcept for that sky, might wanna fix that but its definitely a great concept!!!

The island seems to float too!!! Try to use a material just a little bit transparent for the sea, with the island going deep in it…

More colour on the island! Now it looks just about as grey and dull as the blacktop.

I couldn’t resist editing it a little in Gimp. :^)

Maybe you should have some parking squares on the blacktop too?

parking squares qould clarify that it isn’t water. You can achieve that “sunlight” effect in blender too if you swotch on “halo” in your lamp settings.