Blade Runner Engines

Long time without making personal projects. Here is my lastest 3D Matte Painting.

Playing with gears (every single geometry is made with the ‘gears’ add-on) and with displacement sculpt for building futuristic cities. And paying an homage to Blade Runner.

Blender and photoshop.
The sun and sky is a video footage that I’ve recorded in Morocco last year.

Hope you all like it.
Critics and comments are more than welcome.


Huge blade runner fan (I was going to write ‘blend runner’, ahah) I love this!
The image is beautiful, I love the fog effects! Would be nice to see the flames that were in the movie :slight_smile:

I’m curious about your workflow here, what is 3D and what is photoshop? Do you make a clay render and paint over it?

Hey Elbriga, thanks for your comments. Huge blade runner fan here as well.
The flames idea could work and I’ll give a try, but in fact, as I remember this specific shot doesn’t have them:
My reference:

About my workflow:
It was pretty straight. As the sun would be behind the scene, my main concern was about the silhouettes of the city and the 2 big buildings. I wonder if they had the same thought when they did this shot on the original movie: silhouettes.
So after the modelling process, I separated the scene in layers (because it will be -someday- a moving shot with parallax) and render out two basic passes for each layer: one with a low specular metallic material look, and other with a really shining metallic look, like gold. So, in this case ‘clay render’ is not the exactly work. It’s more like ‘iron render’.

Then in photoshop I combined this two passes (among others like AO, shadow and myst) and with masks I was able to decide where the city would shine more or less. Then I painted over all the lights and and minor details on buildings. I didn’t want to spend much time on this one, because I have more five shots to get done for my 30 seconds short shorty movie :). This is just the first one.

Here is my AO pass so you can see the geo. As I told, everything is made by gears, even if you can notice it on this first shot.

Thank you,
all the best