Blade Runner Fan Film "Paper People" (Live-Action with CGI)

Hi everyone,

my team and I just finished our no-budget fan film - almost on time (because Blade Runner 2049 is out). We had plans for this film for about 2 years now, but most of the work just happened in the last few weeks. This is why the CG shots had to be somewhat simpler than I intended. As I was doing it all on my own, I had to try to get the most out of the simplest scenes. You can tell me if I succeeded. :wink:

Most of the Blender shots are roughly in the first minute. Of course I would love for you to stick around and watch the whole short if you enjoy it (it’s in German but it has English subtitles).

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Wow that’s quite impressive.
Nice work, I love the scene where the flyig car lands

The world was believable, the lightning was great

The replicant guy is a good actor. He could get an act in real shows and movies.

Good CG.

Great music.

The blade runner could have been wet from the rain. Even the paper human and document could have been a bit wet.

Light switches and white walls really is off putting. It would help if the walls had window rain shadows from the neon light.

Overall good short.

@appie.123 Thanky you!

Thanks for the constructive criticism! I fully agree, those are some unfortunate oversights. I could have used some “cookies” to break the light or do as you suggested. The backgrounds are in parts a bit off putting. Glad you liked the CG!

I hope you make more shorts in the future. I’m subscribed to your channel now :slight_smile:

We definitely will, although it sometimes takes some time for the next short to come out (the more time, the better and/or longer the film usually). Thank you for subscribing!

That’s absolutely awesome make by your own… impressive…

Thank you, very kind!

Hey the CGI looks great! And it looks good on the other parts too.
German works great in Blade Runner in some sick manner. :smiley:

Thanks! Haha, as a matter of fact there is quite a bit of German in the original movie. It’s part of the “gutter speak” of Gaff and in the middle of the film the marauding little people, that try to take apart Deckard’s car speak flawless German. I was actually thinking of making it take place in LA after all, because of that. :smiley:

Really good production quality; would have liked some folly or sound fx for the physical parts and glass. Great music, acting and nicely incorporated Blender! Replicant birds! Nice touch. :slight_smile:

Thanks! There was actually a LOT of foley for those parts which I turned up pretty loud. Still not enough I guess. :smiley: