Blades for a game I am working on

These are meant for use in a game I am working on. Would appreciate any comments for improvments. They are pole-arms, pole axes, two-bladed swords/axes, and a couple of batleth type swords as you can see. I have other more normal swords in a differnt blend but am not going to post them at the moment.

I may never really reach a stage where the game will be available to anyone but those working on it. I know.

As always thank you for your oppinions and help.

The modles are pretty good for a low poly game but what you really need are some good looking textures. Textures are what make the game actually look like something. Good work though keep it up.

I intend to use UV textures for the game. that way details can be added and changed so the same model can be used several times. Here is an update on the models and some more normal swords as well as a couple of rapiers/sabers and some sword breakers.

I added some other pole arms and a couple of farm impliments that can be used as weapons. Oh and the man catcher.

The sais and jute are the sword breakers.

Hey, lookin good man, make sure to show us the final product.

Heres a bit of C&C

Green The first one wouldnt really work would it… Think of your self trying to use it (I dont know what the games about or even if it has magical pixie horses or w/e) the second design is nice, but does the short pole really work? IMO making it longer would increase the effect of it.

Red First, do you think that pole is gonna hold those? :stuck_out_tongue: And how strong are your “Charecters” going to be? Should be physicaly correct dont ya think?

Violet Is the “Charecter” going to have 4 “hands”? Just wondering cuz IMO that second rod would get in the way.

Hope I did anything at all man :P. I just stoped to look at thought i had something to say :slight_smile:

[ P.S. USE :wink: ]

Just wondering are you using blender’s game engine or something else?

Either way you might find this thread useful to get rid of some of those black lines after smoothing.

The weapons look great by the way, the look nicley proportioned and good use of polys from what i can tell.

Very nice low poly weps! Modeling convincing looking low poly models is an art in itself. Adding some detailed textures will finish these off nicely.

My texturing skills need work. I have the greybeards UV tutorial and can unwrap all of these models but I need to learn the basics of making the UV maps. My efforts so far are far less then spectacular. Anyone know where I can find some basic tutorials on this subject?

It is not after all a blender subject because I can do the blender part of the work… so sorry for the particular post being off topic.

I am using GIMP to create the 2d textures if that makes a differance.

One more thing can anyone tell me if UV maps and the other material textures I have been useing can be mixxed. I would really like to make procedual textures for the base texture and use the UV maps to overlay things like runes, glyphs, etc., sort of like real world acid etchings.