yea…so, i’ve just signed up here, looks pretty welcoming(the forum)
i’m more or less new to blender, been splitting my neurons on it for about 4 months, did a few “cute” projects, but now i’m serious in making a cool pair of swords called the crimson angels.
those of you who played/are playing prince of persia warrior within will notice the resemblance.

plz comment:yes:


wow very cool, goog job :cool:
i like the first one most :eyebrowlift: but i think there’s the shinning missing … maybe you can add more glance?

think i’ll do that, on the blade part(the one with red lines on it), better than looking all old and worn out

Awesome looking fantasy blade!

Great look you got going there. Looks really great, much better then anything I could do. Can’t wait to see more. A brighter render would be nice but still looks awesome!

Kickass textures and modeling you got there. You gonna make a scene with them?

I love it !!! Great shape, if we have a new prince of persia maybe your sword will be add !!!

Great, Great, Great, Great , Great !!!