BLAM addon problem or is it a photo or more likely... ME??

Hello everyone.

I have a big time problem witch camera matching. I know, there was quite few posts like this, but I do not want to hijack other’s people posts.

So, I was playing around with BLAM for a while, and most of the time I can get a decent result (or thats what I think is decent). I have found a picture online:

Wanted to model it based on it.

So i have used BLAM.

But my results are at least weird…

blend file:

Is it me? Could someone help me out with setting BLAM so i could finally find out how to do it right?

Thanks in advance :wink:


The problem is that BLAM has very limited functionality. The problem with your image is that it has been cropped and the axis of the lens is not in the middle of the image. BLAM can’t work with cropped images (unles they are cropped evenly from both sides). In theory you should “recrop” the image and try it again with the widened image but in this case it is much easier to match the camera manually. You know that the camera is perpendicular to the wall, you know the height of the camera and the only thing that you need to find out is the focal lenght and the distance from the opposite wall. I will try to send you a blend file in a while…

here is the file:


Thanks. Will download right away :wink:

I am glad it is not entirely my fault :wink:

Oh man…what a pain in neck…
Based on your file and that:

i came um with that:

and here is the blend:

Would you say that it is ok, and i can model based upon my last, pathetic, file?