BLAM and cars...

Evening all,

Has anyone attempted to use BLAM to check that their car’s are the right proportions, or to model them from scratch? I had a play about with it today and came up with the image below, but when I try to do it at different angles it’s turning out to be a pain in the arse.


i would suggest you find other pics like side top and front back
to model it with precision

happy bl

As you can see, the car doesn’t fit the image 100%, and I’m trying to figure out why…

Would you have any ideas? :slight_smile:


The images you try to fit to also can be CG made with another artist :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying the past few days to end up with something like this, with currently no luck so far, the closest I’ve come to something similar is shown attached. I was told this was due to lens distortion, so how can Rashiga obtain a perfect match? (aside from using software).


Looks to me like a case of different focal lengths, lens distortion, and possible post processing techniques like slight a slight fisheye throwing things off.

Who is Rashiga?

Have you tried playing with the lens parameters in the motion tracking thingy?

Rashiga is this guy who I’ve e-mailed asking about camera matching, he says it’s possible using Blender by hand, but I get nowhere near the results he’s getting. I know it’s different software but the result I’d hope would’ve been the same…

I’ve found a tool called Insight3d that looks pretty good for camera matching, which means I can use that to make a spline cage of the exterior and interior! Happy days, although now I just need to master it!