BLAM modeling and render alignment

Hi folks,

I’m trying to model “over” a photo using BLAM camera calibration add-on, but as you can see on the screenshot (the node setup is not complete) the final render is not correctly aligned to the camera view I am modeling with:


Is there a workaround, or a better way to model over a picture keeping the correct perspective?

Thanks in advance!

Probably because the image dimensions don’t match the render dimensions.

Add a Scale node to the image input and change ‘Relative’ to ‘RenderSize’.

Thanks organic, your solution worked perfectly, even if I don’t understand exactly the logic behind.

The image and the render are two separate inputs. If the image is 1280 and the render is 720, the way it was set up before, you didn’t tell Blender to scale the image down to the same size as the render, so Blender simply overlaid the rendered image(at the user-set render size - 720) on top of the backplate image(at whatever size the backplate was put in - 1280).

The scale node resizes the backplate image to the render size. Setting the scale node to ‘RenderSize’ assumes they both have the same proportions.