Bland looking bubbles

The bubbles i made work great but look bad. I have the bubble in a separate layer with a light I have tried a little reflection and a few different things. Right now i have Ztrans about halfway which seems to look best but just not good enough I have the game engine set to GLSL look at the image the one on the left is mine i want them to look like the bubbles on the right


I would add a green light from behind and below. Try that and lets see.

The diffuse colour of bubbles needs to be black.
The background (water colour) needs to be darker.
You need a reflection map with a white area at the top and a green area at the bottom.

@ blenderage- SWEET AVATAR!

it’d be a better idea to make your bubbles be just one plane set to halo, with an image of a bubble mapped to it.

I am not trying to make the same as the bubbles on the right I just want more wow in the bubbles, contrast and so on. here is the blend see if you can spice it up a bit. Maybe even use ray trans but not sure if that will eat up to much preformance.



Bubbles1.blend (492 KB)

Let’s all give a biiig shout-out to the blender material nodes system!

…aside from making the bubbles node-ed, I added a green underlight (generally present in a lot of water scenes) and poked around a bit with the lights. You can always put them back to the way they were if you want, of course.

…also, keep in mind that ray transparency is render-only, though it would be pretty cool if computers fast enough to use it in real-time were available on the market.


Bubbles1Nodes.blend (256 KB)

Whoa …lovely Captain!

Hey Captain, those are bubbles, mine looked like crap compared to these. i never fooled with nodes before but i will study what you did here, Great job