.Blanguages missing?


when i start blender 2.32, a message about missing ‘.Blanguags’
shows up.

Can anybody tell me ehat it is there for?

Can i just use an empty file for that?


2.32 works fine for me. But i had this Problem with 2.33 on Win2K! There is a missing Folder in 2.33, named “.blender”. It contains some Stuff like Fonts, Language Data and so on. I’ve copied this Path from 2.32 to 2.33 Folder and it works now. It seems there is a Problem with the Installer.
PLEASE: This must be fixed soon, because new Python Scripts use this Folder and can not work without it. Thaks.

I chose not to use the default (Win98SE) installation directory, but the .blender files still ended up in:

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender

I moved the .blender directory into the directory I’d chosen for installation everything works.

If you chose the default installation, then you probably won’t have this problem.

I seems on Win2k this Folder will not be created. But i found on here:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Anwendungsdaten\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender
(Sorry, german Win Version. i don’t know the english Folder Names)
Now i’m pretty sure that’s an Installer Bug. Easy to fix, but Blender-Newbies will have a Problem.

yep, same here (the missing part) - seems to be a “bug” in the installer.

simply copy the “.blender” folder from your 232 build to the new 233 folder, everything works fine then (233 takes all settings from the previous version).



… I entered this bug into Bugtracker and it has been fixed.

My .blender folder showed up in my Application Data folder, and it works fine.

Yes, it depends on your system’s language settings. If your system’s language is english, everything is fine.

It has been fixed (in the version you can download from the European mirror).

Hi ,

i’m sorry, i forgot to write that i use blender under Linux,
so there was no installer.

I just copied the files where they should be.

When i now start it as a normal user there is this warning
about a missing .Blanguages coming up.

I created an empty file, that seems to work though i don’t
know what the effects are (anything missing or going wrong)?

Did i miss some install instructions for Linux? Where can i find them?

Best regards,

Ok, i’ve downloaded Blender again from an European Server. Now i seems to work fine with the “.blender” Folder in the “Application Data” Directory. Is this now the final Place for this Folder-Structure? I ask this, becaus i’m writing some Scripts which are using this. And i want that they are still working in Future Versions. It can’t be, that in each Version is something different and i have to rewrite all my Stuff.
Thanks for a clear Answer, Doc

This is actually a VERY old bug, or rather call it “inconsistency” in the way Blender handles its data files.

I have been proposing solutions for this issue for about 1.5 years on IRC, the answer was usually to “discuss it elsewhere” and “wait for further feedback”. As you can see, it has not been solved yet. It’s a bit like politics :slight_smile:

It has been fixed (in the version you can download from the European mirror).

No, i downloaded the new blender 2.33 a few minutes ago form european mirror.
The problem in not finding .Blanguages and disablinge international UI exists further.
Copying .blender folder to blenders program folder or creating one in userprofiles folder (D:\Anwendungsdaten\USERNAME\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender or D:\Application Data\USERNAME\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender ) does NOT work at all!

I’m not able to use my native language (german) in UI! :x

My system is german win2000 and running on a multiuser account.

This drives me crazy. The 2.32 Version installer worked fine and Blender was running with international UI. Why international UI while not working? :<

So i have to switch back to 2.32 ???

Thanks dfl! I had the same problem with my Win98SE except that my Blender also started without the status bar which shows statistics of selected mesh and other information. Only way to get status bar back was to resize the Blender window. After copying .blender into real installation directory everything worked fine, even the problem with the status bar disappeared.


Strange… I installed the version from the European mirror again this morning without the error.

Anyway - were was the .blender folder created on your machine? Was it in D:\Anwendungsdaten\USERNAME\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender? Did you remove your old .blender folder? Were was it located?

The .blender folder created on D:\Anwendungsdaten\USERNAME\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender !
The old .blender folder was at P:\Blender.blender an i deleted it before!

…you wrote that you created a .blender folder in D:\Application Data\USERNAME\Blender Foundation\Blender. Was it an empty folder or a copy of the folder the Blender installer generated (just to make sure)?

At this point, I don’t know a better solution than to put a new entry into Bug Tracker on blender.org or contact aphex, the Windows Installer guru.



It was a copy of the Admins Blender data folder.

Seems to be a BUG. :frowning:

I created an application data folder for blender in D:\Application Data\USERNAME\Blender Foundation\Blender.\blender and then copied the contents of the admins .blender folder to my own.
Now I had application data folder for blender.

Starting blender shows that .Blanguages missing!

I found the problem.

I use an environment variable HOME under Windows for my unix tools
The content of HOME env var is “U:\USER NAME” without the "s
Clearing env HOME and starting blender works fine with no error.

BUT i need the env variable HOME !!!

What can i do?

I checked blender.exe with my hex editor and searched for the string HOME and cleared it with 00h.

Now blender works fine, but i thing such a binary patch is not useful for normal users.

Please fix this bug!

Here’s the fix: Copy the .blender directory from the Blender base-dir to your home-dir. Something like:
cp -R /opt/blender-2.34-i586/.blender ~/

Hope this helps,