Blank texture after bake


I’m having problems with baking materials, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I’m always getting empty textures. But after repeating everything in the blend file from another thread it works.

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

My blend file:
untitled.blend (830.5 KB)

Blend file from another thread:
texBake_example.blend (332.4 KB)

After clicking Bake in your example I see this (without making any changes):

Are you saying your texture is just black/transparent, or do you see the above and are expecting something else?


Are you saying your texture is just black/transparent

Yes, completely transparent.

Edit: But doing the exact same thing (adding new cube, material, etc.) in that other blend file (from other thread) works.

I see in your video you’re using version 3.2. Version 3.3 is the latest so I recommend switching in case the issue is related to a bug.

I also noticed you switched to GPU compute. Try using CPU compute. Also, the UV winow did show an * next to the image menu, so did you follow the suggestion in the other thread so save anyway and see what you get?


Tried both,


Updated to 3.3.1 and still nothing.

I also tried disabling every add-on I had installed and still nothing.

But when I installed blender 3.3 on my old crappy notebook it worked :confused:

That’s pretty mysterious though when it worked on a fresh file with the same version but not the other file. It might be that it was an error in the process?
(edit) I have had occasional frustrations with bake not working too, I seem to recall. But I think it was user error.

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I tried to bake texture with another blend file (that was created on my notebook) and still nothing.
But both files will work on notebook.

It sounds like the issue with your computer. Drivers maybe?


I updated GPU drivers after updating blender to 3.3, it did nothing.

Might be, I tested it with blender 2.79 and it worked. Probably has something to do with my ancient CPU (AMD A6-3670).

P.S. That 2.79 UI is just :face_vomiting:

Edit: That 2.79 blend file works in blender 3.3

I figured it out, it was bit of everything.

Turns out that I’m a little tiny bit dumb and that I forgot to change denoiser to Optix which is a must in my case because my CPU doesn’t support SSE 4.1

Thank you everyone for trying to help but “There’s No Cure for Stupidity”


It happens to all of us from time to time.


It’s just a bit of bad luck and dark computer magic :slight_smile: