Blankety blank Blender 2.5a2

We’re in the 3rd week of our Blender course. One of our course goals is to contribute to 2.5 documentation. In the past two classes, we have been switching between 2.49a and 2.5a2 while doing simple multires and doing animation (using Mancandy).

I’m not sure what the computers in the college lab have in them. I’m certain they don’t have googles of memory. We are running on Vista.

Anyway, the windows on 2.5a2 blank out. Some headers stay on and moving the mouse sometimes turns a window on for a while. So lets say, we have 2 3D panels, an outliner, a buttons and a timeline. These could all be blank then turn on alternately. At this point, the student has pretty much lost what he/she was doing.

Some of the students are on their personnal laptops (2 macs, 2 pcs) and they also experience this phenom.

SO what gives?

BTW, Mancandy 2.48 on some of the PCs seem to loose it’s right side definitions. Two students could only pose the left side of him and not the right.

Try a newer build, check comments for any bugs though.

I’ve experienced the “right-side” problem too. You know, I think this is the last straw. I’m going back to 2.49 until the new version is stable. I’m wasting too much time with 2.5.