Blast a hole in a mesh

Hi. I’m new to Blender and I’d like to ask a question. I want to animate a hole being blasted out of a model. So think of a flat mesh being hit with an explosive, leaving sheared edges. Where would I start here? Can I stick some verts and use cloth to rear it and freeze the position? Or is there. Better way to approach this?

Any help greatly appreciated :+1:

Subdivision, particles and the explode modifier is a start… search for Explode Modifier on Youtube

Here is a quick Blend File…Explode.blend (604.9 KB)

I’m thinking the effect the op wants is more akin to the following than what’s possible with Explode?

If that’s the case, then you can probably start with the following tutorial – basically uses a cloth simulation to simulate the effect:

It’s still pretty finicky to get right but can be used at least a jumping off point. As far as that tut goes, there’s easier ways of creating/selecting the initial “cuts” but the rest can be useful.

Yes…probably…but I was also thinking of a combination of the tw0, rip the chunks out and leave the hole sort of thing…

Thanks! I’ll take a look at both directions and post back my result. It needs to animate from the flat surface to look like the torn edges in your cloth example.

Cheers. D

Hi. I’ve blasted the hole in the best which is exactly what I wanted. However it’s cached and now I want to alight it to another object, and push the animation back on the timeline. I’m getting stuck here as every time I move it the model jumps back to the cached position. Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Hmm, besides re-running the simulation in the new orientation, I’m not sure how to do that actually. I’m not really an expert in proper VFX workflow as the shot above was from my first, and only, attempt at doing any simulations really…

I can guess one option though. There should be a way to bake out the full simulation, perhaps using Alembic. Once baked, you can then align into whatever orientation you want probably and the baked out frames will just play out normally (I think). I’ve just never explored the alembic workflow.

Thanks Deadpin! You were correct. This worked perfectly for what I wanted. I’ll post exactly what I had to do to get the result once I’ve finished. Working from home with kids so posting this on my phone.

Just wanted to say thank you to the Blender developers and to the strong community. I come from an old C4D world and I lost my passion for CG about 5 years ago. Now with lockdown and Blender being free I’ve fallen back into the world of learning new techniques and loving it :pray: Thanks. D


Welcome back to the other world :+1:

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