BlazerDemo!! (Not just a poll you know :) )

(Haunted-House) #1

I finished the demo of Blazer so download it
What do you think of it? :smiley:
And what do you think of my website’s new design?
If you want me to add a link to your website than email me.

(saluk) #2

This demo totally rocks dude! The special effects are great, and the sounds are pretty good. It’s pretty hard, but not hard as in “This is stupid. It’s impossible,” but hard as in “Hmm, maybe I’ll get it if I try it one more time.”

The curve of progression is just about at the right level I think, although maybe you could start the player off in a safe spot so that they can decide when there ready for the onslaght. There is that section after the first batch of turrets and balls that gives you some breathing room, a section like this should be placed at the begining I think.

Other than that, Im going to resume trying to beat it again:)

(SeaCigar) #3

:-? hmm… it does seem a little too difficult.

I just set it so fewer hits destroy the enemies, and I can roll right along :wink:

Honestly, it’s up to you, but I’ve played alot of games, and I am just a tinge too swamped.

well, theres my opinion. Oh, and I like the special effects: planes with coloring and alpha, right? looks good.

(Haunted-House) #4

Thanks for the comments!
well so much level testing made me Blazer hardened!

Try this: rotate left and right when shooting enemies it really helps!

(Haunted-House) #5

Is that all the replies I will recieve?.. :-?

(bg3D) #6

Me like. Little too hard…but, next I’ll try that turning thing a little more.
Simply (literally. its kinda simple…) cool. 8)

(Haunted-House) #7

Thanks, turning really does help.

Simple…yes, yes it is… :stuck_out_tongue:

(ndnchief) #8

It is a little tuff at first, which may discourage the softcore game player, but it is not impossible. Mabey a little breathing space to begin with, or not, onslaught right off, gets your attention, means pay mind, and learn quickly. Most excellent job man. Im still trying to beat the game…
This game deserves alot more posts, but it seems the forums have been kinda slow lately… If you post ona friday or saturday night you would probably get a bigger audience. I notice more interaction during the weekends. All in all, it rocks, 2 thumbs up…


(Haunted-House) #9

I noticed, my silly bouncer game got more posts…deeply saddened…yes…

(Abracsis) #10

it’s a nice tough game. but apose to being hard it seems like the character moves too slow to dodge…as in, you have to take them out and get the health to stay alive, you can’t be a jammy dodger for very long :slight_smile: - excuse the expression, but other wise, fast, and lots of effects. which is good. :slight_smile: but i’d prefer to be a cool hover ship apose to an eye ball, but that’s just personal preference, and the style of the game.


(saluk) #11

Nah, don’t fret about how many posts you got. 10 replies is quite respectable. Look at my latest (working) level editor. Most people on here really don’t seem to care all that much. No need to feel hurt about getting 9 :slight_smile:

(Haunted-House) #12

Only ten hard-RealtimeBlender’s the rest are soft-blender’s
Yeah you’re right saluk! :stuck_out_tongue:

(S_W) #13

Ok, sorry, I saw your game and didn’t write a reply :-? , but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or don’t care about it. It’s a really great game! And the laser effects are awesome! Like saluk already said…this game rocks! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
(12th post :wink: )

(Monkeyboi) #14

I fall, and fall and fall…

The main problem with this game is the fact that you keep falling of / through the edge of the level. Its quite irritating!

Other than that it rocks! :smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :o :-? 8) :x :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(Pooba) #15

I just got back and am trying to download but… http 404 file not found!

(Haunted-House) #16

I fixed the problem, I was moving files around and forgot ot update the link to the blend. Sorry about that!