Ble2.63-2.64 Trackpad control differents on Macbook Pro Retina with Macbook Air&Pro

Hi guys!
I buy Macbook Pro Retina but i have little problems with trackpad control.
This is have differents with MacBook Pro and Air.
I like trackpad control like Pro and Air but i dunno how make same control in Macbook pro retina.
all settings of trackpad on every macbooks are the same and control settings in Blender every macbooks which i used are same or make it default settings.

In MacBook Pro and Air very convenient control for the trackpad. I use default settings only chage left and right work bottons. and use to move pan two fingers and for rorate around objects ALT+trackpad(two fingers) its very good when work without tablet. But in Macbook Retina when i try move pan its zoom in and out only .when link CRTL or SHIFT it move pan gorizontal or vertical. When use Alt+Trackpad(two fingers) only moving timeline slider like in mouse control when using middle ring scroll.

feeling that the track pad works as a middle mouse button. solved the problem of changing the promptness of the keys and track pad. but now need to press CTRL+Trackpad(tree fingers) to move pan and to rorate ALT+Trackpad(tree fingers). but this method not very convenient.

Have any the same problems? And have any solver? myabe trackpads on this devises have differents (api or smtg else) if it need i may link the movie with different of works.