bleach swords

i am here hoping to be able to ge some of the swords done. i have an alright soucre to work from, but not a great one. i will post them as they get finished. i am hoping to de zangetsu and zabimaru first. then, zabimaru bankai. then, if possivle, do zabimaru himselves. bye the way, he is a gorilla with a snake as a tail. till they are done, these are works in progress. i am hoping to be able o make them low in polygons. open commenting encouraged.:evilgrin:

so far i have got the zangetsu almost done. i just need to unwrap it.
so far, i need to make it a little better bye the handle. i am soon going to begin on zabimaru. (he is the snake in my avatar.) not in that form though. for now, i must continue, unwrap this, and get it done.


Zangetsu… hmm is that origional? sounds like a really neat idea! Ill check back tomarrow! Ill be interested on how hes comeing along :smiley:

Ok, hmm the bottom edge of the sword should be more rounded, the “bump” in the hilt is too sharp, and theedges of the hilt are too rounded.
Bleach Wallpaper
Random bleach image from google

Good luck :slight_smile:

ok. th pic i was following showed it like that. but will fix it.

i give up. not. here it is so far. still editing though.

here is thr finished thing. i want to get started with something else, so i an finishing this on short notice. haha.
zabimaru is now up to the plate!


i am not doing anymore swords. i have something better to do… a furry ! male first. since i suck, i am using my dads simple low poly guy and morphing him…how sad.