bleander easy way to rig ? (fast)

I ve seen that mm3d modeller has a more intuitive and fast way to rig characters ( no names bones/vertex groups ).
You just select bone and then select vertices you want to assign ,no names no else.
As suggested on tutorials you start assigning all vertices to one bone then go on excluding .
A mass procedure very fast.
Any way to achieve that in blender ?

you can do this with weight painting in Blender.

  • make mesh
  • make armature (name or don’t name the bones, it’s up to you and your needs [.L and .R convention is a good idea IMHO]
  • parent the mesh to the armature
  • let the parenting script make the vert groups [second option]; the groups will be empty
  • select Mesh and go edit mode
  • in Mesh edit mode CONTROL CLICK on the armature
  • go to weight paint mode and click on a bone: the same vert group is selected; start adding verts to the group by painting
  • repeat with all relevant bones
  • done

there’s no reason why you have to name your bones when rigging, but it makes animation and in fact, the whole process of rigging much easier, because you know what each bone is. It also helps other people understand your rig if they for any reason need to work on it.

Thanks for replying.

cool I found this tutorial explaining this :

You need to select armature , then mesh ( in pose mode ) and as such go in weight paint mode.

It works.


put the armature in pose mode before hand and it should work.

ok, thanks,
I edited my previous message according to that.