Bleb - GP project

As I am exploring the new 2.8 grease pencil I thought I’d create myself a little project to develop a better workflow.

- - - -
Bleb, an ever evolving tale about bleb (WIP)


I don’t have a whole story yet, but some key scenes are floating around in my head. I will write them down.
story starts below sea.
I start with some assets

cutout animation with blender is very awesome

Bleb is evolving, as is my idea of a story.

I have done some research on sea creatures because the story starts in the super deep sea.
It’s fascinating. I’ve learned so mutch. It is a rabbit hole.

For example - did you know about the marine hatchet fish? An ancient, creepy looking animal but it also has a built in invisibility shader system. So (as far as I understand) whenever it is hit by some light rays on one side, some photoluminiscent areas will be activated on the opposite side. Superduper camouflage. I want that, too.

They look pretty stupid in front view though.

I also rigged a crab.

ok, I went above sea level for once, tried out NPR shading with eevee. Very fun, I still don’t know where I am going, I made some waves and added a guy in a boat. I have to animate him.
(It’s a loop, nothing happens)

This all look amazing. Now i want to get started with cutout animations. Do you know any good tutorials or tipps to get started?

Hey thanks. Cut out animation with blender is pretty spectacular. I am still working on a tutorial series, but there are just so many different approaches… post or PM your questions if you cannot wait :slight_smile: