Bleder on Ubuntu Linux

Hi. I’m currently starting to use Linux(Ubuntu, to be specific) and I installed Blender using the Synaptic Package Manager. Yet, my install of Blender is really unstable, crashing very often(apparently after I start playing with the view) and it doesn’t just exit the program, it makes the whole desktop(Gnome) crash.

is this a common problem? with Ubuntu? with Gnome? can anyone think of something that may be causing this?

that. thanks for any help.

I’m pretty sure that the one in the repos is pretty out of date. Go to, and download the “dynamic” version. I use Ubuntu, it’s fine.

(This is saxofoner, I’m at Potatoes’ house right now.)

Oh whoah! I totally though this was the fault of me having 1.3ghz and 256ram. Sweet thanks!!

I’m using xubuntu, and my blender works very well… only “glitch” is sometimes parts of the screen black out, but is fixed by switching layers, and then back.

No not at all. What graphics card do you have & are you using the proprietary drivers? ( is a good source of help)

(up to date ubuntu) edgy has 2.42a (lastest stable release).

That is a bit low, should check out xubuntu/Xfce.

Hey all Blender ppl,

Im running blender (2.42a) on Fedora Core6, and have the same problem
as described in the beginning of thread. Did try the same solution, that was
to DL the dynamic file in the DL section. But it still crashes the same way (!?)

What can the problem be ? My OpenGL ? Im not really sure how to find the
problem, would apprieciate any suggestions (known to work)

I wanna use blender cos its open source, and so I thank anyone who can help in advance. Thanks