Blen 2.56: Image Alpha Transparency Show up for UV unwrap

I’m wanting a material to show up under this product label, so I have a PNG with alpha unwrapped on this bottle. After playing with settings for awhile…time to ask if anyone knows where the magic button is?


Any chance you could post a simplified blend file that demonstrates the problem so we can see what setting is missing?

If not here is a blend file that uses uv textures on a bottle that shows the bottle color underneath it. Hopefully you can see what is different in your file.

The texture looks a little strange in the 3d viewport but once rendered it looks right.


Blender 2.49 - Bottle Lable.blend (216 KB)

Thanks for posting this. I’m back on this project and I’m looking at your blend file. It’s doing exactly what I need…I think. I don’t think I understand the difference between an image texture, and a uv unwrapped image texture…and how to fine-tune control. It looks like you have an image texture, then coordinates set to UV. On the Material options, I thought I had to have Face Textures selected, but I see that you don’t. Perhaps I’m going about it all wrong :confused: